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Low-risk and high-return in investment with Robotic Milling & Robotic Cutting manufacturing process.

Robotic Milling vs CNC Machine

Milling Robots can make the milling process more flexible. Any object from wood, plastic, metal, carbon fiber, or aluminium, of any size or shape, can be milled by simply adjusting the end of the robot and the robot programming.

The three main differences between Robotic Milling vs CNC machines.  

  1. Robot Milling is cheaper than CNC Machines
  2. Robot Milling ensure a high degree of flexibility
  3. Milling robots are extremely accurate

Industrial Robot arms are in every industry. For example, we found robots in the car industry, aerospace, marine, nuclear, and more. Therefore, there is an increase in the use of industrial robots, and we cannot ignore the advantages that robots bring to the world. All this is even more impressive when you look at the flexibility of a robot cell design and the number and type of jobs that they can perform.

robotic milling

Robotic Milling Maintenance-Free

robotic milling

Manufacturing is changing and they are incorporating new technologies, which means they require more complex shapes in the manufacturing process. For example, the car industry or aerospace industry, is constantly innovating. However, it is not easy to get the desired shape using the traditional machine to build some of the car or aeroplane parts because the part is just too big for the machine.

Having said this, one practical solution is to use 6 or 7-axis industrial robots.  These robots are able to reach large parts.  Also, industries require accuracy and consistency when they build parts for the best performance of assembly-line production so robotic arms can achieve this.

Besides this, robots are lower cost and friendly to humans, which cuts down not only on price but also on accidents in the workplace. You are giving your staff new labour skills by integrating robotics into your process.

Robotic Cutting

Robotic Cutting

Robotic Cutting ensures a high degree of consistency and quality. One of the most important reasons to choose a robotic system is the technology, low-risk, and high-return investment. However, another feature is that industrial robot provides the ability to easily design around the application instead of installing a standard machine onto the process.

Incorporating a 6-axis robot reduces the number of electrical y/o mechanical equipment that conventional machines require for their operations. Also, database programming reduces the amount of robot programming when changing processes, parts, or product types.

Benefit by Implementing Robotic Automation

Some of the main benefits to using robots in manufacturing are:

  1. The robot moves faster than a human
  2. Easily reconfigured
  3. Low-risk investment
  4. Increase Productivity and quality
  5. Quicker Changeover
  6. Control & Software
  7. Easy Upgrade
  8. Improve Operations
  9. Great Flexibility
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