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How much do Industrial robots cost? Try our  Automated Robotic Systems Tool



ROI Robotic System

To answer the question, how much do industrial robots cost? Our Automated Robotic Systems ROI calculator tool provides a good idea of how robotic automation could affect your margin. Therefore, some of the factors for this robotic calculation are:

Robot Shift: How many shifts/days/weeks will the robot operate?

Current Cost

Current operation costs: First, you need to know the annual labour costs per operator. How many operators will perform automated robot tasks instead of manual tasks to determine the labour savings by automating the process?

Investment Cost

Automated Robotic Systems Investment Cost- Multiply the cost per robot by the number of robots you will need.  Thus, make sure to include the additional equipment for the whole automation system, for example, grippers, conveyors, guarding, safety devices, control panel, robot programmingrobot simulationrobot training, etc.) necessary to support your new or used robot integration.

Labour Cost

Labour with the robotic system: All costs related to the operators you will need to operate the industrial robot and interface with the system.

Robotics Investment Payback

When the initial robot cost is recovered, the payback dramatically increases. However, it takes around a two-year to receive the return on investment. In fact, a used industrial robot’s life is about 20 years by following a proper maintenance program schedule. It means after two or three years of return on investment, the company still receives a solid return in a typical robot application.

It is not all, you will increase productivity while reducing scrap, increasing quality, improving safety, and reducing rework, and all of these benefits will contribute to the company’s income.

Automated Robotic Systems Calculator

Phoenix integrates and installed industrial robots for any robot application. However, we provide an ROI robotic system calculator that gives an idea of the robotic cell cost but it is essential to contact an integrator to get an accurate quotation. 

Also, please note that every robot of any manufacturer has its own specification, the robot integrator also helps you to choose the right robot for you.

However, to learn more about the various robotic applications. For example weldingmillingpalletising, cutting, painting, and so forth. Contact Us for Free consultation. In addition, see Robot Statistics.

Automated Robotic Systems ROI