We are a Robotic Integration Company specialising in Robotic System Integration. Our company can help you find reconditioned or used robots for sale at an affordable price.

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If you want to keep pace with the constantly changing global manufacturing industry, you will need to adapt to meet increasingly diverse consumer needs. One way to do this is by consulting a robotic integration company or a robotic system integrator with experience. They can suggest exactly what your company needs for its Robotic Automation or any other System Integration project.

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As a robotic integrator, we help you to choose the right manufacturing systems from design and manufacture to installation and commissioning.

Tailored Packages

Phoenix Control Systems provides complete automation packages, including control system integration, as well as robotic automation using KUKA, FANUC, and ABB robots.

Robot Integration

Our experts will be pleased to assist you in getting the best out of your robotics project. We'll help you find new or used robots for sale that best fit your needs.

Robotic Simulation

Robotic simulation is proof of the design that ensures the robotic system will operate as expected and without any problems. Phoenix will simulate the program to ensure the success of the project.

Programming Robots

Programming robotic arms and robotic cell design are primary concerns for a reliable robot integrator when designing the cell. Phoenix carries out both disciplines.

Robotic Training

Training is essential for new installations as it contributes to faster and more effective start-ups. We offer KUKA, FANUC, and ABB Robotics training courses.

Robotic Tailored Packages

Phoenix Control Systems provides comprehensive automation packages, including the integration of control systems and robotic automation. In fact, we collaborate with all major robot manufacturers to assist you with the procurement of both new and used industrial robots. Choosing appropriate robot arms is vital for the application. Check out our website for more on control systems and robotic automation:  To learn more about the various industrial robotic arms that we offer.

There are many used robots for sale at affordable prices in comparison to new industrial robots. However, reconditioned robots are a good option to consider when you have a tight budget.  But do not worry, we have the contacts of where to buy certified refurbished robots. With these facts in mind, let us search for the new or used robots that are most convenient for you.

Learn Our Story

Phoenix Control Systems Limited was established in 2005 to deliver high-technology, cost-effective engineering, and industrial automation solutions for our loyal and growing customers across different sectors. What can a system integrator do for you?

We are a UK-based manufacturer serving customers globally. We have a proven track record in serving various industries, including automotive, food, environmental, aerospace, and robotics, as well as car manufacturing.

We are an electrical control panel manufacturer company, and we specialise in designing and manufacturing everything from simple panel building to complete integrated systems. We can provide a range of industrial electrical control systems and control panels to suit all applications. Moreover, we produce and test all of our custom-built cabinets from our manufacturing site in Liverpool.

We offer a comprehensive service ranging from initial design and consultation, to manufacturing, bespoke in-house software programming, installation, training and technical support.

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Our Accreditation

Robotic systems integration

Phoenix is a certified contractor registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. We adhere to high standards of electrical procedures.

robotic systems integration

Phoenix is certified and meets the global ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards. We strive for continual improvement through regular auditing of our processes.

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Having SafeContractor accreditation helps us show that we are a reliable company with consolidated policies on safety, health, and ethics.

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Your Robotic Integrator works with you throughout the entire robotic project.

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We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

Manufacturers can find a cost-effective solution by spending most of their time ensuring that every supplier understands their project vision and goals. However, they can opt for a reliable robotic integration company and system integrator that can coordinate everything, including delivery and assembly/integration logistics involving multiple companies.


A Creative and Innovative Design

As the industry evolves, customers will be looking for solutions that can adapt. In fact, many companies are exploring robotic cells as a potential option. In the future, it won't be feasible to cater to only one specific customer. Therefore, why not strive to satisfy all customers and meet their unique requirements by embracing a new robotic cell design in the process?


Working With The Client is Our Starting Point

Companies will also benefit from a smoother transition from stage to stage of a project. Therefore, when a robotic system integrator supervises every stage of the project, from process design to manufacturing infrastructure, final assembly, and testing, everything, including the coordination, sourcing of materials and complex supply chain logistics, is taken care of.


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

Companies need to research, select, and establish a relationship with a robotic integration company. If chosen correctly, this partnership between the customer and integrator will be backed by dedicated service and peace of mind. The key is selecting a partner that understands the company's overall project goals and key performance indicators.

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Enjoyed working alongside them

"Phoenix Control Systems installed and commissioned a 4 axis ABB robot. Great install, very professional and knowledgeable. Kevin was very helpful, really enjoyed working alongside him at the commissioning stage. Even as far as a year later can still call and have advice over the phone. Thank you, Kevin"
industrial robotic arms
J. Powell
Responsive Engineering / United Kingdom

Amazing After-Sales support

"Phoenix carried out the integration of a robot to cut carbon fibre. I have been in contact with Kevin at Phoenix, who has been amazingly supportive towards me. As far as I am aware we do not have any after-sales support contract with them so Phoenix deserves to be our first choice in the event that we set up another call. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them."
Robotic Milling & Robotic cutting
D. Hanstock
ADP Special Products Ltd. / United Kingdom

Professional and knowledgeable

“We were recommended Phoenix Controls by our first robot supplier and found our contact Kev to be professional, knowledgeable and practical in respects to our cell integrations and commissioning requirements. We have since employed them for our state of the art robotic welding cell and intend to use them again for the integration of all future robotic projects."
Welding robots cell
K. Simpson
Responsive Engineering / United Kingdom