Robotic Palletizing

We guide you during the process of purchasing robotic palletizing systems.  Then, we will work together to integrate the robot palletiser cell in the floor plant to ensure the success of the project.

Robotic Custom Solutions

Phoenix offers complete industrial robot solutions. A reliable system integrator possesses multiple traits, in addition to technological expertise. Moreover, an integrator that values honest and open feedback, and works as a partner to engage and truly understand the processes and operational needs. Contact us.

At Phoenix, we provide industrial automation solutions, whether you need industrial robot arms or complete control system integration.

The benefit of a Robot Palletiser

Robot palletising refers to automated loading and unloading of parts, boxes, bags, or other items, making palletising quicker, safer, and more efficient. Additionally, the robot’s accuracy and precision ensure uniformly stacked pallets, making them easy to transport, and reduces the risk of damage to goods during transit. The Robot Palletiser is highly adaptable and flexible to handle a wide range of products, packaging types and is convenient for any business.

The robot is also highly reliable, minimizing downtime, ensuring consistency, and quality in your palletizing process. Furthermore, the machine’s ability to operate 24/7 provides quicker production time, further enhancing your business’s efficiency and productivity. Adopting a Robot Palletizer can lead to significant savings in labor costs, increase output, and greater customer satisfaction. 

Robotic palletising

Palletising and De-palletising Process

robot palletiser

The robot palletiser can depalletize by picking items individually using conveyors. Therefore, we can say that the palletising process is easy to integrate with other palletizing systems.

Products often shift locations from one pallet to another during transportation or logistics, making robotic depalletising challenging. However, the system helps in depalletising, even as products shift in transit. In some cases, the system can eliminate the need for conveyors or sort products of different sizes. Therefore, we recommend consulting with your integrator to find the best alternative for your particular process.

Additionally, when building a mixed pallet, the robot’s programming must consider crucial factors such as the unloading sequence and product shape. Certainly, this is a challenging process, but a reliable integrator will look for the project’s feasibility.

Features of Robotic Palletising Cell

The Robotic Palletising Cell is an automated system that has multiple features that make it an ideal choice for many businesses. Its ability to manage different products and pallets at the same time, improves efficiency, and reduces overall manual labour costs. Additionally, the system is highly flexible, and it can work seamlessly with diverse types of conveyors, optimizing space and streamlining the flow of materials. The Robotic Palletising Cell has safety features, such as obstacle detection sensors and emergency stop buttons that ensure operator safety and prevent any accidents. It is smart, reliable, and its integration will improve your business’s productivity, quality, and safety measures.

End-of-arm tooling for palletising

Various styles of end-of-arm tooling allow for flexibility in different types of robotic palletizing. However, one of the most common end-of-arm toolings available in the market includes bag grippers that provide support for items or products from the bottom. Additionally, suction and magnetic grippers are typically used for more rigid items, which are gripped from the top. Learn more about the top 5 reasons why robotic systems benefit you.

Robot Integrator for Robotic Palletising Cell

Always consult with a robot integrator. They can guide you not only on which equipment to buy, but also on where to get it. Additionally, the robot integrator will assist you with the integration of the robotic palletizing system and process equipment, including user interfaces with process control systems. Moreover, they can provide an idea of the ROI and post-sale support. This is part of the whole automation package. Phoenix has extensive experience with automated palletizing robot cells that can help you overcome any challenges you may face with throughput, consistency, and quality.

Ready to Build a Robotic Palletizing System?

We build partnerships with our clients and provide customized automation packages. Phoenix’s extensive experience in automated painting can help you overcome any challenges.

Robotic palletising systems