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Industrial Automation is a broad term but covers a wide range of systems integration. However, Phoenix fully understands not only the importance of Cost, Quality, and Delivery but also an effective Robot Cell Design.

industrial robots

Palletising FANUC Robot

The Brief:  The project consists of a Fanuc Robot cell design for palletising bags. 

Robotic arms welding cell

Welding KUKA Robot

The Brief: The project is to design and build a control panel to integrate Kuka KRC4 KR120 Robot and Fronius welding equipment into a complete cell.

Milling robot

Build a Control Panel to integrate KUKA Robot

The Brief: The project consists of building and designs a control panel to integrate with Used Robot KUKA KR240 with Edition 5 Controller along with a two tonne capacity turntable.

robotic welding systems

Welding Robot Cell

The Brief: The project consists of the integration of two Kuka KRC2 y Kuka KR100P, therefore one of the Industrial robot arms will be carrying out the robot material handling work and Robot automation welding tasks.

robot automation

Trimming Robot Cell

The Brief: To design and commission a KR210 based robot cell with spindle and load/unload turntable for trimming plastic parts. First Industrial Automation project.

welding robot system

Composite Winding Project

The Brief: Working on the design & commission of an Industrial robot KR210 based robot cell to provide a development platform for EPL to carry out studies on winding composite.

FAQ Robotics

SCM Handling Robot

The Brief: Industrial automation project working directly for SCM Handling to commission and program the Industrial robot arm as part of the complete palletising cell for the client Livesey Brothers.

Robotic arms milling

Plate Grinding Robot Cell

The Brief: The system integration involves the commissioning and designs of an Industrial Robot Arm Kuka KR210 and spindle to clamp various lengths of steel plate as selected by the operating during loading.

robotic milling

Milling Robot Cell

The Brief:  Mechanical and electrical installation of the Industrial robot. Also, installation of the turntable, dust extraction equipment, spindle, cooling pumps, tool rack and the guarding.