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The future of Robotic Automation Systems

The future of robotic automation systems is here with new technologies. It could be the start of a new era of working with robots cooking, robots serving food, or robot surgery. Also, what about robots in construction, lawyers, and architecture design?  Who knows what else we will hear about working with robots in the near future!

As well as the many automotive applications, robots are now found in a variety of other industries with this wider use, there has been a significant increase in the number of people or industries that need to work with robots including the process designers, control engineers, architects to mention some of them.

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Manufacturers of new robots are busy launching new products in the past year and, although the take-up still varies between market sectors as automotive, plastic/rubber and food/beverage are the largest users, new industries are emerging.  Some restaurant has taken a huge step into the future by investing in new robotics technologies  Yes, you can finally say that you can be served by a robot!

Medicine is using industrial robots

Scientists in the US have developed an autonomous surgical robot designed specifically to suture – or stitch up – soft tissue. And in testing, this surgical machine –will operate entirely independently of human control. The results reported in Science Translational Medicine, compare things such as the quality of the suturing, the amount of time the surgery took, and the number of mistakes made.


Robot Servicing

Lawyers can get the information with an “artificial intelligence attorney”. Its capabilities of learning allow it to continue improving its answers and also help keep lawyers up-to-date about new rulings by reading carefully through every single case it provides quickly the information that might be relevant to the cases. We may probably see them in the courtroom anytime soon.

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We will find robotic automation systems not only in robot milling, robotic material handling, or robotic welding systems but also in many other unthinkable areas  Phoenix Robotic will keep you updated with the new technologies just simply visit our website or Contact Us for your next project.

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