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Our Products and Services

Phoenix Control offer customised robot servicing and other specialised products. We integrate both new and used robots for all kind of industries. Our engineers will provide the robot system integration that best fits your needs using the latest, advanced technology.

Whether your company is considering new industrial robots for the first time or looking to expand your current robotic systems, Phoenix provides low-cost, new or refurbished and tested robots for every need. It’s important for operations to choose the best technology that best fits their current and future needs.


Whether your needs are for an individual discipline or a full turnkey project, Phoenix offers a complete range of control system engineering services. We can deliver the complete control system solution from design and manufacture through to installation and commissioning. Alternatively, we can offer our engineering expertise to complement your existing team.


  • Electrical Design – Phoenix offer electrical design systems combined with electrical components connected to carry out some complex operation with other systems. Our services include:
    • (1) Electrical Drawings,
    • (2) Control Panel and Enclosure Layouts,
    • (3) Component Selection and Parts Lists,
    • (4) Cable Overviews and Schedules,
    • (5) Design Risk Assessments and Functional Design Specifications.
  • Electrical Installation – Our company is a certified contractor on the register of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting and we consider this certificate to be recognition of our high standards of Electrical Installation. The Standard gives our clients assurance that our installations and testing of our installations are carried out by competent and qualified electricians and engineers according to UK regulations. Therefore, we are certified to provide the following services
    • (1) Electrical Installation,
    • (2) Site Supervision Network and Installation
  • Control Panel Manufacture – We design and manufacture safe control systems, and this is shown in our ability to offer the highest quality product with the shortest possible delivery time. As a result, Phoenix control panel are designed to offer a safe, accurate and cost effective solution for full control in simple or complex operations. Designed and manufactured in our ISO 9001:2013 accredited, purpose built facility; the standard range of control panels are built and tested in accordance with the mandatory standard.  Our variety services include:
    • (1) Parts Acquisition,
    • (2) Panel Manufacture Panel Testing, 
    • (3) Certification Delivery
  • Project Management – We provide project management services to a number of clients worldwide and we deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising our experienced project managers to realise business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality and also we provide a tailored project management services defining their project needs and managing project delivery. What we can do for you?
    • (1) Customer Liaison,
    • (2) Functional Design,
    • (3) Specifications Test,
    • (4) Specifications Timing & Coordination,
    • (5) Programmes Health & Safety,
    • (6) Project Financial Forecasting
  • PLC/HMI/SCADA Programming – Manage the interface between humans and machines is one of its fundamental core strengths. PLC Software Visualization Software (HMI/SCADA) Networks Database Design & Configurations Bespoke Software (VB/VC++/etc.)

We work together with our partners to provide professional software tools for robot system integration for all manufacturing markets.


  • Robotmaster Software –  We works together with our partner to provide state-of-the-art software tools for CAD/CAM for robot system integration for any manufacturing markets. Our goal is to provide not only the robot but also a superior software products based on our users’ needs to solve simple to complex design and machining problems. In addition to providing the software, it is also our goal to provide exceptional service and support to our customers. 
  • KUKA|prc Software – KUKA|prc, the goal is making industrial robots accessible to the creative industry. KUKA|prc builds upon the accessible visual programming system Grasshopper, which is a part of the CAD software Rhinoceros 3D. Instead of writing code, simple function-blocks are connected with each other and the results immediately visualized. This feedback allows you to quickly move from the programming environment to the robot, or from design to fabrication. KUKA|prc is also increasingly being used in industry at high-end wood fabrication companies, market leaders in the aeronautical industry, and even in nuclear reactors. For these applications, a commercial license is required.
  • Data Programming – We have a specialized team in database development and programming, reporting and analysis system development, and network infrastructure design and development and we also have experience in working with major car manufacturers and their supervision systems for example with Sapia and Exact within the Peugeot group
  • Reports – We can help you with the vast amount of data to generate efficient reports as trending, historical data or alarms to have accurate report that will help you do any necessary changes on your process

Our experience within a vast range of different industries will provide expert robot system integration for your company, some of these industries are:


  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Metal Electrical/Electronic Chemical
  • Rubber and Plastic
  • Aerospace
  • Aluminium
  • Glass High-Tech
  • Industries Environmental

Phoenix integrates robotic automation systems for all kind of applications.  Some of the most common applications are:


We work with all the most well known industrial robot manufacturers.  Together we can provide proven robot system integration solutions for all your processes.


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